Motivation to Lose Weight – Truth to Losing Half Your Body Weight

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How many times has someone told you that you should take a picture of yourself and post it on your fridge, or just weigh yourself everyday, or constantly monitor your calories as some sort of motivator to lose weight? Did they actually work at all? If they did work, then for how long?

The problem with seeking weight loss advice or motivational tips is that people are generally looking outside themselves. In a nutshell, no one knows you like you know yourself, and obviously what worked for someone may not work for you. But what’;s most important is remembering that choices you make come from inside of you. No one else is telling you to not exercise and no one else is telling you to eat that brownie.

Pay attention to how food really affects you. A lot of people feel good when they eat junky processed food but then immediately regret it after. Your feelings after you eat it are always the same; depression, guilt, and a hopelessness that no one should feel. Perhaps you felt a loss of willpower that unfortunately left you in a downward spiral.

Focus on what makes you feel good; eating nutritious food, getting your exercise in, or following your diet for a straight week. Stick to a diet that is easy to follow and makes you feel alive and full of energy. Do not look for outside sources for your new diet and healthy lifestyle. Always pay attention and listen to what your mind and body is really telling you.