Motivation to Quit Smoking Is Key

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With like so many things in our busy daily lives it is hard to stay motivated at times. We all have our weak moments whether it is taking a break from eating healthy, going to the gym or (for those trying to quit) having a puff off a cigarette.

We are all motivated by something and the stronger the motivation the more likely we will achieve the outcome desired. For instance; money is highly motivational and if someone were to offer you $100,000 to quit smoking this instant 9 out of 10 people would jump at the chance.

Since the likelihood of that happening is near impossible it is going to be up to you to find what will motivate you to quit smoking. As you look over the things in your life such as money, health, and family you will be able to see how smoking is affecting each area. Compile a list of reasons to quit smoking. You may find one compelling reason that significantly motivates you or it may take the complete list to do it. The key is to find the right motivation that will drive you to quit for good.

As you know motivation fades with time. Just like with New Year’s resolutions; people may start the year great but nearly 30 percent of the resolutions started won’t see the end of January. As you feel your motivation slipping it is imperative that you get your list of reasons out and remind yourself why you are quitting. Reinforce your motivation to quit and don’t ever give up. Quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do for you and those around you.