Motivational Words – Three Ways to Catapult Yourself Out of Apathy

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If Procrastinate is your middle name, your environment is cluttered with unfinished (or unstarted chores), and your spirit weakens every time you contemplate taking remedial action, then these Motivational Words will inspire you to take positive action.

Strategy One: Blitz the Task for just 10 Minutes

This full-on-for-10-minutes strategy is ideal for uninspiring tasks such as sorting your correspondence, repetitive housework, de-junking cupboards, sticking to an exercise period, or garden maintenance. These tasks just have to be done, but they are difficult to get excited about, and when they’;re done there is no immediate benefit beyond the relief of having done it at long last.

Before you begin take note of your thoughts about the task you have been avoiding. Listen to your inner voices and establish what stories you sell yourself to keep yourself in a state of inactivity. Now commit yourself to spending ten minutes – no longer – dealing with the task or problem at full throttle. Time it. Fast, decisive action is required. Just do it. Get as much done in ten minutes as you can. When your time is up, reflect on your feelings now. How has your attitude changed? How difficult was it really? Does the reality match the stories you sold yourself before you began? Now walk away and undertake another ten minutes tomorrow.

Strategy Two: Tackle something you can easily accomplish first.

Do you have a whole lot of things on your "to do" list, some of which have been there for far too long? From a psychological perspective, it is always stimulating to tackle a task that you know you can accomplish in one go. The best motivational strategy over time is to train yourself to get the straight jobs done first. Cross them off the list. They’;re done. As soon as you encounter complex tasks, or tasks that involve multiple steps (such as having to find a document before you process it), break the task down into easily achievable steps (eg first locate the document, the second step is to work on it), and treat each step as individual tasks. Cross each step off as you complete it and you will find the un-chore becomes a motivating challenge instead.

Strategy Three: Convert your "To Do" List into Success Log

If you are a professional procrastinator, uninspiring activities probably mount up until you have a backlog of a few days worth of activity that needs doing. Argh! Imagine facing into a few days of mindless, petty, worthless tasks. If this sounds like you, here is the most effective path out of procrastinator’;s chaos.

First, face the music and write a list of everything that you should have done ages ago. Be brave and honest about it. Write down every single thing that is cluttering up your life and clouding your mind with guilt and apathy. Now collate these tasks into logical groups. For example cluster all the phone calls you have to make, or the things you need to repair, or the maintenance tasks. Next, according to your current state of mind, either adopt strategy one or strategy two above. Just do it. And finally take a clean sheet and write down your achievements on a Success Log. Pin it where you can see it. Every time you cross an item off your "To Do" list add it to your Success Log as a reminder that you are a super-achiever when you chose to take action over apathy.

If you still have not taken the bull by the horns and started on your first ten minute blitz (Strategy One), then the following motivational words should shake you out of your self-imposed inertia. The difference between a high-achiever and a procrastinator is self-talk. Self-motivators have inner voices that encourage, motivate and praise. Procrastinators indulge in inner-dialogues which support inaction, lethargy, low energy. Now, go and tackle an ugly chore for ten blitz-filled minutes, and tune in to your inner-dialogues. It may surprise you which inner voice you listen to.

Remember, motivational words are instantly at your disposal. Just start in on a chore and pay attention to the Motivational Words your inner super-achiever has for you. You stand to gain a whole new outlook on life.