NLP – 5 Ways that You Can Apply Today to Get the Desired Outcomes in Life

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After reading this simple yet powerful NLP article, you will know how you can set the tasks in such a way so that you get the desired outcomes from every task that you undertake.

The human mind is like a creature that wonders from one place to another. And the most difficult task is finding the right way and direction in life, which is certainly not as easy as many people think. NLP tells us how to achieve the desired outcomes in life while enjoying the every effort you made to achieve them.

The basic aspect and the fundamental concept of the modern personality development is that every person must have the well formed outcomes in life. The well-designed out comes in the life can create well being may be it in the business or personal life.

The goal-setting does not mean simply setting the goal. The concept goes further to this. The goal setting means to strive to achieve that goal and get into the realms of ‘desired out come development’. Goal and the outcome certainly differ in their aspect. The goals are the prior stage of the target and the out comes are the result of our efforts and endeavor. The goals enables us what to do in our lives while the out comes make that effort worth doing. Thus, NLP tells us the importance of goals and outcome.

The characteristics of the well equipped out come are as follows:

1. Be clear and precise: The foremost principle of goal setting in NLP is to be clear in your mind what you want and what for you are making efforts. Since NLP deals with your mind, it becomes very important that your mind must be aware of its goal and target.

2. Positive generation of outcomes: The next NLP principle for achieving the goals is that you must generate your thoughts in a positive way because our mind does not process and accept the negative thoughts.

3. Visualize your outcome: Now, the above two NLP principles are then followed by this very important third step. Here, you have to visualize your goal, as if you already achieved it. You must explain that in the sensory language such as the sounds, the sensations and the emotion which we could actually feel, hear and experience that. This encourages us to form out comes.

The following is the hypno-NLP exercise to visualize your outcome before you actually achieve it.

a) Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, where you are not disturbed.

b) Make sure that you shed away all your disruptive thoughts, worries and anxiety.

c) Close your eyes and now you have to imagine…

d) Imagine your goal in your mind, be it any aim either of achieving a qualified degree at London or making money or finding your love mate.

e) See yourself actually standing your goal achieved. See your professional degree of London in your hand.

f) Feel the goodness of that moment. Feel how happy you are! Imagine how you would really feel if that actually happen.

g) Live in the feeling for some time and enjoy the fulfillment of your dream.

By this NLP exercise of visualizing your goal and their outcome, you actually achieve them in your dream. So, when you really strive to achieve it, you get motivation from your dream with NLP.

4. Influence others’ thought and action: Make sure that the outcome is self-initiated, self-motivated and self-controlled, this is very important in NLP. You can work on your thoughts and action. You cannot change others directly rather than we can change them indirectly by changing our own self.

5. Make your outcome as contextualized i.e., decide when, where. How and by what means you want to achieve this outcome. The out come based thinking is the capability of a person to visualize the perfect out come of that process before actually achieving it.

To check the nature of your desired out comes and whether they are going to serve you well, ask the following NLP questions to your self.

i. Ask yourself whether what you actually want out of that process?

ii. If any other person is involved in any way ask your self; what do they want? If you are not getting on the right answer then think what might be their benefit to be involved in it?

iii. Ask yourself; what would you at least accept out of the process?

iv. Think about the obstacles that could come in your way to the process.

v. Then think that I would be ready to accept the hurdles, but in what way would

I deal with them. Count up all the possibilities and the matters that could contradict your expectations.

vi. Finally ask your self how to bring that process to a conclusion?

Knowing your out comes in advance is surely powerful and motivating concept of NLP. Once there was a speech by the highly acclaimed coach that the horizon does not actually exists, it is the mental imagination. He said that how far we travel we can never reach the horizon. Where ever we stop our mind creates a new horizon before us. Similarly, like the horizons the formation of our desired out comes too is a mental imagination. Thus the human mentality is best affected with hypnosis and NLP.

NLP divides the people with the well formed out comes in two categories: First are those who are capable to achieve and fulfill their dreams. Second are the persons who are incapable to fulfill their dreams and targets.

NLP reveals you the main difference between the two. The first people are happy because measure their progress by comparing the position to where they are to where they where. The people are sad and distressed because they compare their progress to the others. This attitude is severely restricted in NLP. Never compare yourself to others. Having the burden of the unfulfilled dreams can surely hinder the progress and hamper the motivation. Now, its up to you to decide to which category you belong to.