Not Motivated To Achieve Your Goals?

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Here is what I believe: Goals are our motivational stepping-stones to the future. I am saddened when new coaching client’s say to me: “I don’t feel motivated by my goals.”

If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the goals you’ve set, here are a few activities and suggestions to bring back the thrill and excitement of writing achievable goals:

1. Revisit your personal and professional mission statements. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important when you lose sight of your “Why” for going forward.

2. Check to make sure your values and beliefs are compatible with the goals you’ve set. If there is an emotional disconnect between your goals and your values and beliefs, then it will be difficult to keep motivated and enthused.

3. Ask yourself, “Are my goals really my goals or did I write them to please others?”

4. Have you made time to create a vision board? Placing motivating and inspiring pictures and words on your “dream/goal” board can serve as a positive visual reminder of your goals.

5. Have you developed a powerful inner motion picture and visualization of your future as if it were already reality?

6. Have you written present-tense affirmations to affirm why you want to achieve your goals? Day-to-day, are you focusing on the positives of making goals reality?

7. Is your day-to-day self-talk upbeat and encouraging? Do you speak about your goals becoming reality with unshakable certainty and confidence?

You are in control of setting your goals! Take a good look at why you want to achieve the goals you have written. You’ll only be motivated to the extent that your goals are emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially meaningful and important to you.

Remember too, goals are not etched in stone. If after you do the activities and are still not motivated by your goals, these may not be the right goals for you at this time in your life. It’s probably time to start over with a new set of exciting and motivating goals for the future.