Popular Memes That Have Won Our Hearts

Motivation is something that may drive a person towards success, and it is crucial to possess an inner motivation to view life in an optimistic way. As every person is different from another, self help to motivation also varies based on the priorities, as something that is stimulating to you, […]

People have different levels of motivation as a result of inspiration. My question to you is, "What inspires you?" In other words, until you can find the spark to ignite your genius and excellence, you might not become motivated to reach for the moon and if you miss you will […]

Perseverance is defined as "doggedness: persistent determination!" These are some pretty strong terms. "Doggedness," tends to paint a picture of a big German Shepherd dog enjoying and protecting his bone. Just listen to him … chew, chomp, chew, chomp. He is determined not to quit and it sounds like he’;s […]

"If you only knew, just how incredibly, wonderfully close you already are to all that your heart desires … you’;d be even closer. If that’;s possible. As you were, The Universe " You just need to dig a few more inches before you find that gold. Come on, you can […]

Motivation is the greatest force behind true leadership and becoming a leader requires knowing where motivation begins and how it flows.Becoming a leader understands understanding that these fountains contain the water you must drink from; they must never run dry. The term ‘;self made’; is incongruous with what really happens […]

What exactly is energy? How many forms of energy are there? What does coaching have to do with energy? Energy – There are many definitions of energy, but here I will define it as an exertion of force or a healthy capacity for tragic activity (Merriam-Webster). How many forms? Technically […]

You’;ve said "Hello." Now what? One of the best approaches for building rapport and getting the other person to talk is the FORM approach. FORM is an acronym that stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation. The "FOR" talk helps build rapport before you delve into the "M," what motivates […]

"Build a dream and the dream will build you." – Dr Robert H. Schuller # 1 Define Your Mission Think of all the things that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime. Not just the big, bold and boring things but also the smaller, yet still important, things. What […]

Motivation is a kind of driving force that encourages an individual to get going. It is a kind of boost to the self confidence, faith and inner conscience of a person. All of us look for some kind of motivation in life. It is almost impossible to face a competition, […]