Popular Memes That Have Won Our Hearts

Webinars are certainly a hot new technology; and if you’re a speaker, trainer, thought leader or other infopreneur, they are a “must know” skill rather than a “nice to know” skill. Unfortunately, most people aren’t using them yet, and even those who are using them aren’t using them effectively. Here’s […]

If you are looking for a keynote speaker to hire, you should choose very well so that what you really want to convey to a group of people or to the public will be properly shared. There are actually different types of speakers that specialize on a certain keynote. There […]

Motivation helps make all things happen. It is generally a force that drives people to take action, create or accomplish their goals. However, what motivates you may not be the same with what motivates other people. Your unique experiences shape your beliefs and these beliefs are the basis of your […]

Have you ever wanted to set yourself up for public speaking success before you ever take the stage? One of the most effective ways a speaker can become appreciated before ever opening their mouths is to write a killer biography. Just like your resume is used to get a job, […]

Age of Ultron opens with a large set piece battle between the Avengers and the remnants of Hydra for Loki’;s Staff, which was teased at the end of Captain America Winter Soldier. It is a well-choreographed battle showcasing the strengths of each member, the team work and trust developed between […]

Enthusiasm is an exceptional excitement, interest, or devotion. In public speaking, excitement about your subject will make a speech come alive. It will enable you to capture the attention of your audience. That not only makes you more persuasive or motivational, it makes you a more interesting speaker. So your […]

Public speaking is an impressive art of communication with the audience in a structured and deliberate manner. It goes beyond the boundaries of speaking or talking to a group of individuals. It is an art of articulating your ideas and thoughts in order to persuade others, inspire them, engage them, […]

Nowadays, many teenagers are falling into the trap of addiction to drugs long before they even know it. Others find their way into crime and prostitution as well as other wild exploits. Despite the increased drugs awareness and rehabilitation courses and all those guiding and counseling sessions now available in […]

If you want to help your employees foster a sense of teamwork, you could have meeting after meeting in your own office while a speaker drones on about working together. However, these can be boring events that no one, not even those who are in charge, want to go to! […]