Pornography Addiction – Why Recovery Cannot Be Done Alone

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Why can’t recovery be done alone when it comes to porn addiction? Porn addiction by its nature is a very isolating behaviour. Alcoholics will drink together or by themselves, drug users will do the same, but typically porn users feed their addiction in private. However, as the addiction grows stronger and takes more control, a person can sink to even greater depths of depravity and become involved in orgies and other dangerous activities. Generally speaking, though, this is the type of addiction most addicts enjoy doing in the comfort and privacy of their locked room or when everybody else in the house is asleep. Especially in this technology age, they can surf the internet without others knowing and browse through pornographic sites.

Those reasons stated above show that there is no way to deal with porn addiction alone. It is impossible to break yourself free from an addiction that isolates you in the first place. That is why there are steps that you can follow to help you conquer it successfully.

One is to write your journal that records days when you were successful in overcoming your urge to engage in porn and also about the days when you failed and allowed yourself to satisfy your cravings. Do not forget to write about how you felt after being successful or failing. The second step of this part is to share this journal with an accountability partner. This partner needs to be someone that can check in on your daily and go through your journal with you. It is also helpful if this person will keep you accountable spiritually as well and pray with you everyday that you will be free. This will be your daily motivation so that you would avoid engaging yourself in doing porn again. The next best thing is to join a group of people who are also trying to get over their addiction. If you are too shy to sit in a group counsel then go and join an online community. Here, you can open and share your experiences with others and you can also hear other stories that may help you. If you do these things, then your chances of overcoming your addiction will be higher.