Potty Training Toddlers: Motivation Ideas

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It is not easy to toilet train a child. Potty training toddlers can be a frustrating and confusing time for parents and kids alike. Whether you are training your first child or you have several older children who have have already successfully trained over the years, you may be looking for some ideas and tips that can help motivate your child to reach success with the process. The bottom line is that in order to achieve success in toilet training, your child has to want to do it. You can help encourage your child to have the desire to succeed by offering various rewards.

So what are some motivation ideas for potty training toddlers? One of the most popular motivators that parents have used are the various charts that can be found online and in retail stores. The child simply gets to put a sticker on the chart with each successful trip to the potty, and then receives a special reward once a row or column is filled. Other kids are provided with certificates that can be downloaded online, and then shown to friends, neighbors, and grandparents. Still other have found that some small treats provided with each successful potty attempt work well, and these treats may be stickers, stamps, or even a small candy or healthy treat the child loves.

Still other parents find that potty training toddlers is easier when the child gets to go to the store and purchase his or her first pair of big kid underwear featuring a favorite cartoon character or design. Kids often do not want to soil underwear that they love and will try extra hard to keep such underwear clean. Parents also can offer to buy additional underwear with other characters and designs on it if the child can keep the current pair clean. These are just a few of the many ideas that parents have used successfully. Each child is different, so you may need to try a few to find one that works best for your child.