Practice Life When You Are Young

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Life is always to be enjoyed in a practical way but our education system contribute and focus on theory and that is why you find every where education institution earning millions but only a few students got the benefit may be due to their practical approach. I mean to say that we are in a world where every second a competitor is born and one has to be aggressive and very practical for their personal growth and success in life. Life is to live not only enlightening for life. If only approaching is the demand of today then everyone might have become richest and no poor person practically toiling around. Here I am not discussing about the poor and rich of the world, the human should raise above to deliver in this world.

Steps one can adapt:

1. Everyday list out your thoughts and keep a small note
2. Start thinking ten times and finalize which is very practical
3. Execute the finalized one without expecting the results.
4. Accept the failure also as part of a result.
5. Any attempt to that direction of conceiving an idea and realizing it is a practical way of achieving the object / subject.
6. This way only priority work has been undertaken and pursued.
7. This is a small beginning note and you can add your own agenda.
8. Do not discuss with any one and once you make this as a habit, then you can broadcast.
9. Hope is not only about our surroundings, country, and fellowmen but apply it to oneself too.
10. Finally apply these to all the walks of life personal, professional, eternal journeys.