Public Speaking – The Key To Holding Your Audience Spellbound

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It is easy to be bored to sleep by an uninspiring public speakers, so if you are going to be standing before an audience it pays to learn how much more enjoyable. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to do. It is amazing how some practice on your own, speaking over and over again until your presentation is perfect, will give you confidence.

In saying that, there are also some very valuable public speaking techniques that will help you become a popular and entertaining speaker.

Dull presentations typically results from the speaker’;s inability to involve the audience in the talk. Yes! Studies have shown that the more you involve the audience the more they retain just because they have been listening. The audience can be involved in several ways, and here are five ways this may be done.

1. Engage Your Audience with Questions: Human beings can not help to think of an answer if asked questions; that’;s how our brains are conditioned. Therefore, if the concentration in the room starts to drop, ask a question and select one person from the audience to answer. Thank the respondent and move on to another person. You do not need to worry about losing control of your audience, ‘;’; He who asks questions is in control ‘;’; so says the sales guru Brian Tracy. Ask closed-ended questions and put the members of your audience to task that will enhance their attentiveness and enrich your presentations.

2. Get Your Audience to Finish your Sentence: Using some common analogies you can start a sentence and then point to an audience member and ask them to finish, or just throw the end out to the audience and someone will yell out. This keeps the activated audience members alert for questions and the quiet ones awake so that do not have to answer the next question!

3. Use High-Five Technique: This technique has been one of my favorites. When you notice the energy in the room needs recharged simply ask a question, something like: Is this good stuff? When the reply comes from the audience, then instruct them to turn to either side and give them a high-five and say ‘;’; this is good stuff? ‘;’; Most people will be energized by this but do not worry if there is someone who does not want to participate.

4. Influence Your Audience to do Exercises: You can use the trick I learn from T.Harv Ecker’;s ‘;’; Train the Trainer ‘;’; course. He says ‘;’; Get your audience to do the work ‘;’; To achieve this, ask them to break into groups of two or three with people they do not know and give them an exercise that is congruent with what you are presenting. After that, ask them to share with the rest of the people openly and thank them for doing so.

5. Reward Your Audience: Give your audience candy for participating and they will be encouraged to participate even more. Simply ask a question and when someone answers it, throw them a wrapped candy, yelling out "incoming" as you throw it out. That practice will soon become a game and people will compete for the treatment. However, do not use it for the entire speech. Use it towards the middle of the speech and again towards the end as this keeps the audience awake until the end.

The tips listed here are all to do with audience participation and if you can get your head around how to involve the audience in your presentation then you are streaks ahead of the next speaker. One other small but valuable tip is to practice using various voice tones and volume to keep your audience interested and alert.