Regaining Strength and Fitness After Poor Health

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One of the worst things about exercising is getting the motivation to do it. If you’;re not already in the habit of doing regular exercise, it can be even more difficult to motivate yourself.

The best way to motivate yourself to exercise is to pick something that’;s easy to pick up and will fit well into your schedule. Walking is a great way to help you keep fit as it’;s low cost, can be done almost anywhere and is great for beginners and experts alike. It is a fantastic, healthy past time for anyone looking to fit exercise into their busy schedule.

You still have to find the motivation to start your first walk. The answer may be as simple as buying a pedometer. Recent studies have shown that owning a pedometer to use whilst walking increases the chances of a person wanting to get out there and walk as much as they can. Counting steps is a great form of motivation as you can set goals for yourself, beat your own top scores and record your progress.

A great motivation method using a pedometer is to reach the infamous 10,000 step count on a walk. If you’;re just starting out, we recommend that you build yourself up before diving head first into this goal. Do not let 10,000 be your limit – always try to better yourself.

Here are some great tips to help you along the way:

Do not get distracted when scheduling your walks. Plan them at quiet times in the day, such as evenings or early mornings. You do not want any other responsibilities to push your walking to one side.

Decide the pace you’;re going to walk at. If you’;re trying to lose weight, you might want to try a different technique than if you’;re walking to build muscles.

Plan how far you want to walk. It’;s no good aiming for a 5 digit figure step count if you’;re not going to achieve it first time – this is no good for your motivation or self confidence. (Try this Step Only Pedometer.) On the other hand, do not plan to walk 200 steps and make your (very short) walk redundant!

Decide where you want to walk. Do you have some nice public footpaths near your house? Or maybe you can walk around your neighborhood? Try to include some inclines in the walk as this increases your heart rate and makes your body work harder.

Take an MP3 player with you! Nothing beats music or a good audio book for taking your mind off walking – this will make the exercise a lot more enjoyable and you will there before want to do it more often. Maybe you want to catch up on a podcast or some new music – do not let it distract you from your walk through!