Remember Your First Sale Online to Stay Motivated and to Build Your Business

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A few days ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about the affiliate marketing business. Both of us have been involved for a while now and we were swapping stories about the ups and downs of the business. Anyone who runs a business online or offline has similar stories, some are great. When business is booming and it looks like no matter what you do, it works. Other times, you can put up great offers on products and services that you are sure everyone will want, and all you hear are crickets chirping.

The business world is filled with ups and down .

It’;s not hard to stay motivated when times are good, but when times are not so good, say when the economy hits a rough patch and people stop buying, how do you stay motivated?

There are many tips and tricks on how to keep a positive attitude and different people respond to different techniques. Here is mine. Try it, it might just work in those "down" times.

Think back and be thankful

Think back, to the beginning days of your business. The vision is crystal clear in your mind. You learn, you plan, and then you implement your plans. Everything is set and you are "open for business". Then, that gut wrench feeling begins – will it work? After all your hard work to get your great idea off the ground, will anyone buy? You wait – a day, a week or even longer, and then it happens, YOUR FIRST SALE! Somebody out there saw the value of what you have to offer and actually spend money on you! It does not matter how much you made on that first sale, that overwhelming feeling of THIS IS GOING TO WORK, gives you a shot of adrenaline that pushes you on to bigger and better things.

Do not let that feeling slip away

Unfortunately, as time passes with the daily grind of building your business, you can forget the great motivation that first sale bought. So here’;s the thing, it’;s simple, it does not matter if you need a kick right now or not, stop what your doing right now and take a step back. Clear your mind. Take a walk, listen to music or whatever ever works for you. Think about how that first one made you feel. That rush is still there and it can give that little something you need to get back in there. In your mind give a "thank you" to that first buyer who helped you believe that your business will work, get bigger and be the business that will change your life. For me, thanks to M. Sheppard who first bought from me. I’;m eternally grateful.