Running Or Walking – How Do You Stay Motivated During the Winter Months?

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Running, walking, or any other outdoor sport can be challenging in the cold winter months. It’;s hard to motivate yourself to get out there when it’;s so warm in your house.

So, how do you do it? How do you get and STAY motivated when you’;d stay stay under the warm cozy covers and get an extra hour of sleep? Here are a few tips on how to motivate yourself to either start or continue with your exercise program:

  • Lay out your running clothes the night before. Just the act of doing this will get it in your head that you are going out – no matter what the weather.
  • Dress in layers. Depending on the temperature, be sure that you are dressed appropriately. You can count on it feeling about 10 degrees warmer once you get your heart rate up. So, keep that in mind as you are deciding what to wear.
  • Make a "date" with a partner. If you have to meet someone, you’;ll be more likely to get out there. You’;ll make yourself accountable, and you will not want to let them down (because it may be hard for them to get out there as well).
  • Set the alarm and resolve to get out of bed as soon as it goes off. Skip the snooze button – just get up. Once you’;re out of the bed, go straight to your clothes you put out the night before and put them on.
  • Visualize yourself feeling and looking great. KNOW that when you are finished with your workout, you are going to feel good physically, and you’;ll feel great about yourself.

Stepping out the door is the hardest part. Once you’;re out there, you’;ve got the biggest hurdle. So, just get out the door and let the fun begin!