Running Tips – Staying Motivated To Run In Winter

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Running is such a great way to stay healthy and energetic in all things that you do. Running has also been shown to help you to live a longer life. Studies have shown that for every 2 hours of running, you add one hour to your life. Running not only helps you to live healthy – but to live longer. But, sometimes in the colder weather – it’;s hard to keep up with your training. Here are some tips to keep you motivated to run in the colder weather.

Setting winter running goals is a great way to stay motivated to run during the winter. Know how many miles that you want to complete in January, February and March. This will keep you moving to achieve your goals. Nobody wants to fall short of what they planned to do.

Plan a race during the early Spring. If you sign up for a road race in March or April, then you will definitely be motivated to get those runs in during the winter. That’;s a big motivator for me. I like to plan a marathon or half-marathon in late January or February. This keeps me putting in good mileage during colder weather.

Running with a friend is a way to stay motivated. You both motivate each other. And, you do not want to have the one to say that you do not want to run because it’;s too cool. Or, find a group that runs on the week-end. That’;s a great way to have some fun in some possible inclimate weather.

Buy some new winter running gear. I know that this sounds weird, but it works. Having some new high-tech jacket in a cool color or a new pair of tights make you just want to get out and try them out!

Know the wonderful feeling that you’;ll have when you get finished with your run. There are so many times when you think that you just do not want to do out – but you do and find out that you have a wonderful run. And, you also know that there are many others that are just sitting at home on the couch doing nothing!

Running in the winter can actually be run if you are prepared with the right running gear and run smart. However, if all else fails – and you just do not feel that you want to get out in the elements – there’;s always the treadmill!