Sales Objection: "I Want to Make Sure the Team Is Comfortable With This Decision"

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This sentence may be an objection and may not be an objection, at the same time. In big companies and for products that are high priced or strategic to the company, decisions are often made by committee. If you are talking with a person on that committee they may indeed only get one vote. If that is the case, then it’;s really not an objection but just another step in that customer’;s buying cycle. If on the other hand you are dealing with the decision maker, then he’;s stalling you. Either way, you will need to address this statement which may also come in the form of, "Let me run it past my team."

In a sales situation where there is a committee and everyone gets a vote, you need to get yourself in front of that committee and use the presentation skills outlined in this course. However, if you’;re talking to the decision maker and you get this stalling technique you can respond with the following:

"Jan, you certainly want to make sure everyone is on board with this decision. But at the end of the day, leaders are here to do one thing better than anyone else; lead. quo by bringing in new products can create uncertainty. But it can also create excitement and motivation. My other customers faced similar situations with their teams and they found that once the team knew their leader was fully committed, they jumped in to make it successful. How about you and I lead on this one? "

When you’;re faced with the "committee stall" you need to turn into Tony Robbins. You need to have the best motivational coach in the world. Leaders, even great ones, have their own personal doubts. It’;s your job to help install confidence in your champion. They too need reassurance about their decisions and that you will be there with them every step of the way. With really timid leaders get your management to call or email them. Give them whatever they need to be bold and get your deal across the finish line. You can do this!

Sales Homework – Write two of your own responses to this objection (the real one).

1 .____________________________________________________

2 .____________________________________________________

Sales Managers – When your sales reps develop this skill they are truly on their way to being a professional salesperson. It may require some one-on-one coaching, but you can do it, too!