School Fundraising – 3 Ways to Motivate and Encourage Sales

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School fundraising projects typically involve students selling various items to family members and friends. These fundraisers can be very successful, but the amount that your school will earn is directly linked to the amount of sales that you receive. Motivation and encouragement will help you to keep your young and inexperienced sales force motivated and will increase the amount of profits that your organization is able to secure. Here are some essential school fundraising tips for keeping spirits and sales high through the fundraising process.

Establish a Support System

Your fundraising efforts will be more successful if each student has a strong support system encouraging them through the sales process. Parents can be a great help, so try to get them on board with the fundraiser from the start. Sending a letter out to parents explaining the fundraiser and its goals will help them to encourage their children and to find sales opportunities for their children. If parents are willing to help their children sell, the child will be more motivated and more successful. Before you pitch any school fundraiser to the students get the parent’;s on board first.

Remind Everyone of the Goal and the Progress

Working towards a goal will help to keep everyone motivated during the fundraising process. Let everyone know what the fundraising profits will be used to purchase and how many sales are needed. Some schools find it beneficial to track and announce sales as the fundraiser progresses. This way students and parents will see the progress and realize that achieving the goal is possible. As progress is made toward the goal it will increase the motivation to continue making sales and earning money for the school.

Be Positive

Children and parents are more likely to sell to family and friends when they feel that the school fundraising is a positive experience. Praise each sale and let people know how much you appreciate their hard work. Always speak positively about the fundraiser, even if you start to feel discouraged. It is also important to keep a positive attitude when mistakes are made. If a problem should arise find a solution rather than chastising the child or person that made the mistake. A positive attitude will increase your sales during this fundraiser and will make people more willing and excited to participate in the next one.

If you create a positive sales environment through the school fundraising process you will find that you have more sales and that you make more money for your school. In addition you will help students to learn valuable skills that they can use in life and in future fundraisers. Remember that a school fundraiser is not only about earning money for a school. It also encourages unity, helps the children to work towards a goal and builds school pride. These tips will help you, the students and the parents involved in your school fundraising efforts to have a good experience and to stay motivated from the start of the fundraiser to the very end.