Sense of Responsibility

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Living in this world means that there are rights, duties and responsibilities. Fulfillment of responsibilities as an obligation shows how much one is dutiful. People around you expect you to do things because they are due or bought to be done. This willing obedience is dutifulness and shows how much your sense of responsibility makes you committed or devoted to this value. It also shows your humble, submissive, polite and obedient nature.

This quality should become a part of education and upbringing. When the youth realize the importance of being dutiful, they affect the entire surrounds. A family becomes strong as a unit, a community benefits greatly in its development and extremely a whole nation progresses as this individual quality combines collectively to express solidarity and strength.

If a nation is left behind on the path of progress, development and well-being, it means that its people are not motivated by a sense of responsibility. No doubt you have rights in the society you live, but every right entails a responsibility; every opportunity you come across has an obligation. The more this society and nation gives us, the more dutiful you have to be.

Visualize you goals clearly, add desire, faith and a sense of responsibility, and you will certainly achieve them. In order to attain any kind of success, in any field, with minor everyday goals or major goals, you need to exercise this value. The opposite of dutiful is irresponsible undutiful and faithless.

Instilling a sense of duty among children is not only the responsibility of teacher’;s ad parents; but the youth too have to realize that apart from a social obligation, it is a moral obligation as well. It means that being dutiful is an important part of goodness and its absence is truly bad and is a vice.

So true happiness is all about loving and caring for those who love you loving hour parents is also a moral duty.

People have different responsibilities and contribute accordingly. They are like the various parts of a clock, each having a different function. Some parts may have diamond tips worth much more than a small iron screw. Separately the screw and the diamond have no similarity in value, but inside the watch the value of the screw and the diamond is such that should the screw become loose and stop performing its duties, the world watch becomes useless and even the diamond is of no use.

We have our duties toward those who are close to us, especially those who looked after us and made our life comfortable and easy when we were every young and helpless.

One of the main duties upon us is to show kindness towards our parents, respecting and obeying one’;s parents is a way of showing gratitude to them for bringing us into this world, and for rearing and taking care of us when we were young.

There are many way in which one can show parents kindness and respect; paying them a visit is one form of dutifulness to parents, in addition to treating them well, addressing them politely, trying humble oneself before them, giving them gifts and showing our love and devotion.