Seven Steps for Staying Motivated

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Motivation is one of today’;s hot buzz words. If you have it and can keep it you are a superstar! Staying motivated is simple when you use these seven steps.

First- Believe in yourself and like yourself.

Second- Set realistic, inspiration and measurable goals that challenge you. Give yourself a date to complete your goals. This method gives you a way to tell when and if you achieve your goals.

Third- Create a vision for your goals. Vision yourself as reaching each goal. What will it look and feel like for you? For example, if your goal is to reduce your stress 50% by xx date, go to the internet or look through a magazine for a picture of a person happily walking down a path, smiling, enjoying life and having fun! Select an image that reflects what you want to achieve and what it will look and feel like for you. Place your image in a place where you will be sure to look at it daily-several times a day.
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Fourth- When you feel a bit off track, or overwhelmed take a few moments of solitude and focus on your goals. Recall your vision. Write out your goals again. Writing is very powerful. It helps you clarify and embrace your goals. Remember what’;s really important to you and why you want it.

The feeling of overwhelm is caused by lack of decision. Sitting in solitude think about any dilemma you may be facing-make a decision on how to move forward. You will feel like a fifty pound weight has just come off your shoulders. You will physically let out a sigh of relief. Putting off making decisions affects your ability to stay motivated. So start making decisions.

Fifth- Identify a plan for reaching your goals and develop action steps to successfully carry out your plan. Stay in action daily moving forward towards achieving your goal. Do something every day to keep the momentum going. Think positive!

Sixth- Continue to learn. Read books, articles, listen to tapes or watch movies to build new learning around your goal. New learning brings you to insights which are very powerful. Insights will keep you energized, motivated and inspired. Insights provide you with a high similar to the feeling you get after an intense work out. All those happy chemicals- adrenaline and serotonin are stimulated and rush to your brain filling it with excitation and motivation. You feel happy and energized. The key to success and motivation is continuous learning and reaching new insights. This is exhilarating plus its good exercise for your brain.

Seven- Seek the support you need. Rally family members and friends to support your cause. Identify resources that will help you reach your goal and achieve success. Ask for support when you need it. Celebrate each accomplishment is important to staying motivated. Coaching is a proven and powerful tool for helping people stay motivated and achieves the success they are looking for. Contact me for a free trial session [email protected]

Start now, practice these steps and you will be amazed at the results.
Have fun and good luck!