Something Even More Powerful Than Beliefs In Shaping Your Reality

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Today, I’d like to introduce something that is EVEN more powerful than beliefs when it comes to shaping your life and reality.


A value is defined as anything that is important to you in life. A person’s values can range from money to challenge and everything in between. Yet, just like with anything else, there are a few core values that shape your life.

Why are values so important?

Well for starters, values pretty much dictate how you spend your time. If something is VERY important to you (such as your family), you find a way to spend time on it. However, perhaps even more important than that is the fact that values are directly linked to motivation. Motivation is essentially to getting what you want as you well know by now. In fact, if you were to look back on your life and analyze anything you’ve ever accomplished, you’d see in most cases the reason you accomplished it is because you were highly motivated to.

What’s really cool is that usually when you feel really motivated to do something, it’s because one of your values is involved.

Let me prove it to you. Think back to a time in your life when you were really motivated to do something. This doesn’t have to be anything monumental – just pick whatever comes to mind. Step back into your body during that time and do your best to remember the motivating feeling you had to accomplish what you desired.

Now, think about what internal picture you made right before you felt that motivating feeling. Do your best to remember it and describe it if you can. Most likely, the internal picture you made before you felt motivated was a value. Picturing something that was important to you triggered those feelings of motivation. Once you had those feelings of motivation within you, you took action and likely accomplished what you wanted.

So, why is this significant?

Well, there’s a host of reasons. But, what really stands out to me about this exercise in understanding is I now realize motivation is something that can be created at will. It’s no longer something that just randomly happens to us – from time-to-time. For those of us that have significant things in our life we want to accomplish – this is fantastic news. Just imagine if you could create that fun, exciting, feeling of motivation anytime you want or need to.

How much more would you accomplish? How much easier would it be to achieve your goals?

It’s definitely something to think about. I’ll share more of my insights as I explore this topic further. For now, you can read what I’ve discovered so far on this at my free blog listed below.