Start Strong Or Finish Strong – Which Approach Do You Think Is Better?

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And your opinion is …

Since I’;ll wager you already have an opinion the real question is – are you open and receptive to another perspective? If not – get back to work or play – whatever – but if you are read on.

During the early years in my career as a speaker I was told by many of my peers that I needed a strong start as the end of my career was many years into the future – "they would all say . Then as the years passed people started telling me it was how I finished that mattered. OK so which is it – or is it both?

In sports they call it the "quick start" approach. In other words, the team that ranked first tended to win the game – call it momentum or whatever. Many coaches still teach this concept. Now, I’;m not saying they’;re wrong but if you start strong and your competitor regains momentum – then what?

Yes, starting strong will tend to create positive momentum but the real challenge is keeping it going. But, here’;s the issue – if you start strong and then stuff happens; a recession, economic uncertainty, buyer trends, new products or technologies, new competitors etc. are you able to overcome these and keep moving strong?

Since the beginning of my speaking career in 1973 – yes long gas lines if you are old enough to remember – I have weathered four recessions or whatever you want to call them. I started strong but four times my momentum slowed down and even almost came to an end on two occasions. Keeping momentum was not easy or in some cases took everything I had just kept plodding along. So, my strong start at this stage meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, now what? Well, all I have left is to end strong. Does that mean starting over? No. But does it mean a "reinvent" mindset or mentality? Yes.

OK, so you are in the sunset years but not quite ready to call it quits as you still have some years in front of you. Can you still finish strong or even finish at all? It depends. On what you ask? It depends on courage, confidence, skill, perseverance and a willingness to "reinvent" yourself, your life, your career and / or your business.

Or, you are in the early stages of your career or a business and filled with hope, optimism and big plans. Trust me – sooner or later you will have to deal with some kinds of obstacles that can derail you or even cause you to consider quitting. It’;s a choice folks and often not an easy one.

So the answer to the title question from my perspective is – both. Start strong and end strong and in between – just keep evaluating, revisiting, improving, growing, changing and never letting go of your goal, dream or desire no matter how the years may change or modify it or how circumstances cause you to consider a " reinvent "option.