Stay Motivated In Your Cardio Training With Some Of These Ideas

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Although the advantages are immense, most folks hate cardio training. Yes, it becomes next to a dirty word, blistering the ears at even the softest mention. Some would rather be tortured and die than commit to 20 minutes on a treadmill. Ok, so it’s not that bad, but it still does get monotonous. So here are some thoughts to encourage you to do it and improve it, plus some sneaky ways to make it happen without even knowing it!

1. You will continue to burn fat long after your cardio session.

2. Working out harder at the beginning of your workout burns more fat than if you push harder at the end.

3. Running at a faster pace for a shorter period of time will torch more calories than a leisurely hour-long run. Try keeping your heart rate at 80 percent of your max for 20-30 minutes.

4. For a more intense burn, try intervals! Alternating between low and high intensity has been proven to burn more fat.

5. Do strength training before cardio. This is proven to kill more calories.

6. Do each strength training move in quick succession, without pausing. This will naturally add more cardio to your workout and you’ll see results sooner! I recommend doing combination moves to get your heart rate up and your metabolism running on full blast baby!

7. Try lifting heavier weights for less reps to make your workout more intense. You will find that you’ll soon be breathing heavy and seeing results. Don’t worry, you will not bulk up by lifting heavy weights.

8. Don’t read or watch T.V. while doing your cardio. If you focus and push yourself, then you will spend less time on the machine, get better results, and still have time to relax and read later. This wastes time.

9. Trick yourself into doing cardio! Sometimes you can have so much fun doing a sport you love that you often don’t even realize that they are getting great cardio mixed in with the workout. Having a trainer who knows how to add cardio in subtle ways is beneficial and will prove itself in your results.

Not everyone enjoys the monotony of cardio training, that’s a fact. But it is important and the benefits are well worth it no matter who you are. Keep these ideas in your mind the next time you hit the gym or head out for your card training, and if you don’t enjoy it more, at least you’ll enjoy the results!