Staying Motivated – 5 Things Successful People Already Know

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It can be difficult staying motivated when the excitation of a new project is replaced by the drudgery of its execution. Continuing to preserver when your goal appears out of reach and the project is no longer new is an ability successful people have mastered. Psychology says that any motivated activity starts with a need. This need creates a driving activation a response designed to achieve a certain goal. When the response to a need is finishing a project and continued motivation and drive is lacking, consider staying motivated the way successful people already do.

It is important to keep track of your focus. If your project was painting your living room walls or instead watching the football game consider the following.

Create goals you want to achieve. Create an objective you want to accomplish. What is the end result? What do you want out of doing this? These questions may seem obvious but many people do not have a good enough goal when staying motivated becoming a problem. It is easy to give up when the incentive value of the new paint pales to the incentive value of the football game. If painting the wall is not something you really want to achieve then the thought of the extra work involved in changing the wall color, will increase your subconscious and you will never finish the job. Instead focus on the goal of seeing your new room looking much better than the old wall color and the feeling of accomplishment accommodating that achievement.

Create Benchmarks. What is step one, two and three? This is one way to overcome obstacles associated with goals that are not as appealing for personal satisfaction reasons, but equally important to complete. Your boss requests you create a report or your wife advocates you paint the living room regardless of your opinions on the matter. Create a step one, two and three. Step one may be clearing the room. Step two can be buying the paint and so on.

Follow through. Now that you have a plan-DO IT- this is the most important part.

Reward yourself-nice job! This is the easiest way to make sure you are staying motivated. Once you have completed predetermined benchmarks, reward yourself. The hard work completed while reaching your benchmark will be well worth it- watch some of the football game after you have finished the first wall.

Remind yourself. Accountability is important. In instances where the goal or achievement is longer term you can use daily reminders or even affirmations to tell your subconscious you are serious about staying motivated and achieving your end result. Listening to affirming recorded messages daily about how you will stay motivated and achieve your goal is a very powerful technique. Think about all the people who exercise with MP3 players as a way of inspiring completion of the workout.

Your living room wall color is faded. This observation creates a thought in your head generating a need for color change. Thinking about changing the color of your living room walls is the drive and the fading of the color is the need. Buying the paint and other products is the response designed to achieve the goal of a new coat of paint on the walls. Staying motivated while creating goals, setting steps for completion and doing it will achieve more than your ability to watch the rest of the football game. The ongoing satisfaction of daily enjoyment while in your room will be a daily reminder of your achievement.