Staying Motivated Through Trials and Tribulations

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The ability to stay motivated through difficult times is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. It’;s easy to say "You need to stay motivated!" but saying something (such as this) and doing something are completely different things.

A famous philosopher once said: "He who can bear the most uncertainty is to whom will go the glory". Putting it simply, this means that if you can ‘;stick it out’; and hold tight through troubled times, it’;s likely that you’;ll come out the other side a lot stronger and better for the experience.

So how do you stay motivated when things are not going well? Above all, you must have the reason why.

Let’;s say you’;re self employed and running a business. Why did you start that business? What was the reason? Was it because you wanted financial security, freedom or a challenge? Whatever it was, reconnect with that reason and keep it at the forefront of your mind. That reason is the fuel that will power the fire inside of you and is extremely what will motivate you through difficult times.

Another way to stay productive while things are not going well is to have built a habit. If you’;ve built a habit wherey you come into work every day, do the work that is necessary (without question) than you’;re on the road to success. It does not matter how things are going; If you’;ve created a strong habit you’;ll be able to work no-matter what. The key to creating a habit is willpower and consistency. It is said that you need to repeat something for 14 days before it ‘;sticks’;, so that is exactly what you should do.