There are so many MLM programs out there that once you start getting people signed up with you, you’;ll probably need to employ some team motivation techniques to keep your associates interested and active. If you’;re in a good company, they’;ll have some network marketing training for all of their […]

In Parts 1 through 3 of this series discussed barriers to active learning – various causes that affected students’; ability or willingness to learn. In Part 4 we looked at strategies to grab students’; interest and get them involved in their own learning. In Part 5, the final article in […]

Being active is the key to success. All of us wish to be active, but laziness prevails us from being active. Let me tell you five different ways to which you can win over laziness. We must realize the fact that laziness disturbs us from our routine life, and it […]

Teachers and administrators struggle to apply new techniques and up-to-date processes to address the motivational challenges that blocked students from engaging in the learning process. Active learning, a term used frequently in current teaching circles, emphasizing that learning requires students to be more involved rather than passive. Regardless of the […]

Effective communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor, said Les Brown, one of my favorite motivational speakers. He said that communication determinates whether people vote for you; write you a check; invest in what you do; and buy your services and products. Communication is the key […]