Thoughts and words can be a man’;s best friends or worst foes, depending on how they are put to use. The human mind has an amazing ability to maneuver his thoughts and actions in the direction he wants to. This forms the essence of positive affirmations, which are used for […]

You already have most of the knowledge in the self-improvement subject. Still, why are some people more successful than others? You might have been inspired by a book or tape in the past. Why does not that motivation last longer? Even if you already know the things, why were not […]

Psoriasis And The Healing Power Of Positive Thinking Daily affirmations may sound like an old witches story, but it is really amazing when we get rid of the negative energy and replace it with positive. Never understimate the power of positive thinking and what it can do. Self talk that […]

As a senior you have the opportunity to see the world with new eyes. Look at the great themes of life and you can have them or renew them. Love, creativity, immersion in nature, deep friendships, spirituality, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others, continuing to offer your children and […]

What is Mindfulness? The concept of mindfulness has actually been around for thousands of years. Its origins can be found in the earliest Buddhist teachings (2500 years ago). It has been used over the centuries in traditional eastern contemplative practices like Hatha Yoga and other meditation practices. Zen masters taught […]

It is true; affirmations are just sentences with a positive slant, just words. On their own they can do little to change your life. Power, life transforming power, becomes embedded in affirmations when you add emotion while you are saying them. Words are words, but emotion is energy and our […]

Everybody knows that “impossible” is the word found in the dictionary of fools. Impossible in its’ own spelling says “I’m possible”, so one should look at this as the meaning that nothing is without possibility in this world. Everything that exists in this world can be achieved by anyone, but […]