In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful Controlled Development & Optimum Efficiency Model of Subliminal Management "Inna mul aamal-o-binnayat" ("Sayings of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH) "Surely your deeds purely depend on your Intent" Introduction There are many aspects which have been discussed over the past few decades […]

In the hectic world of today we seem to find little time for simple pleasures and it feels almost impossible to fully de-stress yourself. There is much attention on all the negative aspects of life that we are bombarded with via TV reporters and violent movies. But, there is still […]

Among the best phrases I have read on various Resumes – This one stands out "I am an innovative problem solver with a proven track record of extensive entrepreneurial experience motivated by results-oriented approaches which adds to my dynamic personality and demonstrates my ability to be a team player in […]

Many people see motivation as something you have or you don’t have, often depending on your specific situation. In fact, motivation is a choice that everyone makes. You can find ways to be positive and to strive to improve a situation or you can choose to complain and stay stuck […]

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