We define attitude as our response to the exterior environment and stimuli. And with this we attach meaning to it either good or bad, friend or foe, useful or useless, and many more. Our response can be said to be positive if we first accept the things as they are […]

Mac Anderson has created another masterpiece designed to help you improve your life. In The Power of Attitude he explains how the power to realize whatever you want is really locked in with the power of your thoughts … your attitude towards life and those around you. In essence he […]

Several years ago, the American Society for Quality Control ran a survey quantifying the reasons why companies lose customers. The survey showed that 68% of lost customers left because they were "turned away by an attitude of indifference on the part of a company employee." The second reason for customer […]

Positive attitude activities help us deal with the pressure of everyday responsibilities. Now more than ever, we are faced with different challenges and become vulnerable to stress, making it hard to maintain an optimistic behavior. The following positive attitude activities can help you cope with stressful moments and make them […]

Everybody faces problems in life, and staying positive in the face of difficulties is something not many people can manage. Taking on a bad attitude is way easier than being optimistic and having a constructive outlook when going through tough times, but adopting it has countless benefits. A positive attitude […]

Quotes on attitude and quotes about confidence are essential self-esteem builders and goal-achieving motivators that help you reach success. Life quote sayings are the tools of the trade for motivational speakers and self-help authors because they help communicate complex concepts into simple, memorable nuggets of wisdom. In reality, famous quotes […]