During my career, I have learned that motivation is the most important factor of change. I have seen people who have overcome their addictive behavior only with the high motivation. In addition, I have many people who continue their addictive behaviors despite the fact that they enjoy the various opportunities, […]

Organizations need to change frequently. Some of these changes are externally driven by competition, economic considerations, legal changes, etc. Some are driven internally by increased need for efficiency and effectiveness, changes in personnel, new products and services, new technology, mergers, etc. Some are driven by a leader who sees that […]

We define attitude as our response to the exterior environment and stimuli. And with this we attach meaning to it either good or bad, friend or foe, useful or useless, and many more. Our response can be said to be positive if we first accept the things as they are […]

Challenges are regular visitors in our life, and nobody is immune to them. They can either make you lose hope, and even give up, or we can use these challenges to make positive changes in our life. For instance: Develop your passion Having a passion for something, will motivate you […]

Can inspirational videos really change your life? Well, let me ask you this. Can becoming inspired change your life? The answer is, absolutely. There is no telling just how far you can go with your life if you become inspired and take the right actions. Many of the success you […]

Do not underestimate the power of inspirational quotes. Great quotes can not only change lives, but may change a nation as a whole, if everyone studies and listens to the wisdom of the wise men. Words have intense power! Every now and then, great individuals, like Albert Einstein, Mohatma Gandhi […]

There are motivational speakers who specialize in helping people change their lives. Please take note that inspirational speakers "help" people change their life because absolutely NO ONE on the face of the earth can make your problems disappear – it is up to you to change your life! Here is […]

The Maslow Theory of Motivation also known as "Maslow’;s Hierarchy of Needs" model was developed between 1943-1954, and first broadly published in "Motivation and Personality" in 1954. Starting from the premise that each human being is motivated by needs that are inborn , usually as a result of tens of […]

I love reading books that inspire us to become more than who we are; and so far, I have come across some of the best motivational books you would not want to miss. These are some of my reviews of the most inspirational books out there. The Best Motivational Book: […]