Why is internal communication important and what are the advantages that this administrative process can determine for an organization? Many studies show that an effective internal communication process can yield many positive outcomes both at an individual level and at an organizational level, like employee’;s commitment, engagement, motivation, sense of […]

They sat across from each other in my office looking nervous and apprehensive. I called Bill in so that his son, Clayton (pseudo names), could express his anger and hurt feelings to his dad, something he felt he could not do at home because of Bill’;s angry responses. They had […]

Effective communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor, said Les Brown, one of my favorite motivational speakers. He said that communication determinates whether people vote for you; write you a check; invest in what you do; and buy your services and products. Communication is the key […]

Want to know what’;s important to another person? Listen to what dominates that person’;s conversation. In a recent four minute shuttle ride to the airport parking, the shuttle driver talked about nonstop about soccer. He was so into it, so passionate about soccer, I thought he’;d juggle my suitcase with […]

Let’;s start with this promise: All careers require communication. Communication is an integral part of our lives, in both verbal and non-verbal forms. Written communication skills enable an individual to construct with words a clear message that can inform, motivate, influence, persuade, clarify, or refute. Writing is a skill, and […]