We were not born with confidence, but this trait can be taught, nurtured and built over the years. With self confidence comes better self esteem. At any stage in life, confidence is something that can be learned. Dr. Karl Menninger once wrote, “Fears are educated into us, and they can, […]

When you learn how to empower and motivate yourself, you take back control of your own emotions and your life! You don’t need pompoms and the false hype! Most people just need a little help in learning how to take a step back in order to see things from a […]

Are you courageous enough to attain that goal that you set? Do you have the confidence to go after it? If you can make up your mind, muster all your strength and be charged up internally with determination and go after that specific, measurable, attainable, seeming unrealistic, time-bound goal, you […]

Confidence comes from within you. Confidence is also what you show on the outside despite, or to hide, what you feel inside. You may have the tools and skills to do anything you want in the world but without confidence nothing will be done. Okay, so we all know there […]

Increasing your confidence level or attitude can be said as setting your mind that you can do any task. In other words, it is known as having hope on you rather than depending upon others. Quotes on life will help you in solving or to overcome problem that you have […]

Confidence and happiness go together, and yet circumstances and events around us threaten to strain that connection. Confidence is the belief that you have the ability and skills to succeed at whatever you tackle. When you are confident, your inner voice says "Yes, I can." Happiness is a state of […]

Quotes about the self confidence of women are wonderful tools for boosting female self esteem and emotional wellness. The reason for this is that lots of women today are searching for nuggets of inspiration from which to gather strength in their daily lives. A single mother, for example, is confronted […]

Team Confidence When a Team Has Confidence The coaches interviewed cave several tips to look for when a team has confidence such as: a) They are prepared for the game and they understand what needs to be done b) The way they carry themselves, a little strut, but focused. c) […]

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