Sticking to a weight loss diet can be oh so hard to do. Our bodies crave just the most addicting things like fried chicken, potato chips, steak, gravy, and cheesecake. If this sentence got your stomach rumbling then you know just what I’m talking about! As the days and weeks […]

We all know that proper diet is all about changing our lifestyles, sometimes to great extents. What most people forget is that it can not happen overnight! Trying to make changes too fast can lead to frustration in your efforts to a new you. The good new is, there is […]

Staying on a diet plan long enough to achieve and maintain results can be challenging for even the most disciplined people. Dieting often requires giving up your favorite foods, changing your habits, and spending additional time and money on preparing healthy meals. After all the claims out there that you […]

A diet high in raw foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables has so many benefits, it’;s unbelievable! I’;m going to list the benefits here without getting too into them. If you are interested in all the facts and science behind all this you can research it and you’;ll probably get […]