Event management as the name suggests, is an activity that is used to manage various events. It includes the creation and development of festivals or conferences. It is not an individual task as it involves identifying the target audiences, studying the intricacies of the brand, devising the concept, logistics planning […]

You like to read. You just do not like to read what the teacher tells you you have to read for class. Such boring books. Sure, they are called classics. Dickens, Elliot, Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott – All those and more. I guess if you were to read them on […]

If you want to help your employees foster a sense of teamwork, you could have meeting after meeting in your own office while a speaker drones on about working together. However, these can be boring events that no one, not even those who are in charge, want to go to! […]

Golf events are used for many different reasons, hosting promotional tournaments, weekend getaways, pro-am, or executive seminars. All of these events incorporate a business like atmosphere, and must be ran in order to achieve a certain objective. Golf gives business people the chance to talk business while playing a sport […]

As a professional speaker, over the years, I have been given many different kinds of gifts after my seminar from the meeting planner. Some of these gifts are useful and some I have no idea what I will do with. After a seminar or motivational speech, many meeting planners present […]

A motivational speaker is a professional speech giver that gives speeches intended to lift the spirits of audience members or motivate them to a certain action. Occasionally, these speeches may have a certain business-minded intention. Meaning the speech is intended to promote a particular company idea. Although the field of […]