The Hogan Motives, Values ​​Preferences Inventory (MVPI) reveals a person’;s core values ​​that motivate choices and decisions, as well as their goals and interests. This makes the MVPI an invaluable tool for determining the kind of environment, team, department and corporate culture in which a person will perform best. This […]

One of the best sources for inspiration is enlightening quotes. Those kind of quotes can be found through the quotation dictionaries or treasuries. My favorite quotes category is life quotes. Life quotes provides us wisdom to make good life. At the same time, it gives us life lessons without requiring […]

The Irish have always had a special feeling and place for the Leprechaun. It has long been believed that they knew the secret to success in everything. In his inspiring yet slim volume, the author has dipped into the ancient Irish folklore, sayings, and blessings, to give us a clear […]