Extrinsic motivation is when a person is motivated to do something based on external factors, which come in the form of rewards. The offer of money is a particularly common extrinsic motivator. This is opposed to the concept behind intrinsic motivation where a person is moved to do something in […]

Defining Motivation – Extrinsic and Intrinsic Before we go into the importance of motivation, we need to understand what motivation is. Motivation can be explained as the driving force one has that propels them towards the achievement of goals. In other words, it is the reason why anybody does anything. […]

What is extrinsic Motivation? Extrinsic motivation is the term for motivation that emanates from outside your own. The inspiring factors are outside, or external, rewards like cash or grades. These types of incentives offer satisfaction and delight that the particular task itself might not provide. An extrinsically inspired individual works […]