Imagine that you suddenly found yourself awakened from your sleep in an empty boat drifting alone in a stormy wide sea somewhere. You know nuts about sailing and boats and unaware of the capacity of the vessel and not brave enough to handle it. You are a prisoner of your […]

Business failure for people on the internet is more a common occurrence than finding those who have achieved success online! As much as most would like to blame market competitiveness or a lack of technical know-how the fact is in many cases it boils down to a lack of motivation! […]

Each one of us wants to live more fulfilling and happy life. Most often, we read many articles, books and quotes explaining the recipe to become successful. Although the words incorporated in them are so stimulating most of the times, they fail in making any impact on our lives. Moreover, […]

Both the worst and the best of the great achievers had the belief in themselves and the resilience to overcome early failures. One of these was none other than Genghis Khan. There are powerful lessons we can learn from him. In 1162 a child, called Temujin, was born in Mongolia […]