We spend a major portion of our lives working, unfortunately many of us feel trapped in jobs we don’t enjoy. Answer the following questions, and if your answer is ‘Yes’, carry on reading: Do you feel like you are treading water or in a rut? Are you bored at work? […]

There are many reasons people want or need to attend motivational workshops and seminars. These reasons vary greatly from individual to individual. However, no matter what the reason for going may be, motivational seminars can be a great help for those who choose to attend. Reasons People Attend Motivational Seminar […]

Who’;da thunk it? Terrell Owens, currently with the Dallas Cowboys, a source of wisdom? Well, the strange part about wisdom – or at least about wise words – is that they are where you find them. Owens’; contribution, according to Jaime Aron, an Associated Press sports writer: "Winning cures a […]

There is always, always, always something to be grateful for. This is how I once opened a lecture to a group of people who were training to become volunteers for a non-profit organization that I worked for. I was met with "How can you minimize someone’;s experience?" Fair question, but […]

Inspiration is key to staying on track toward your success. Inspiration is the fuel that will power you through the lows that come your way more often than you want. We are after all human and our brains have a safety mechanism called doubt that will tell us to stop […]

Everyone wants more of the good things. Happiness, love, charisma, success – which is your desire? Maybe you chose all of them. Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you of the evils of desire. If you meditation long enough, you’ll either discover that truth for yourself or you won’t. […]