It’;s crazy how barren my gym has been as of late. Rewind back to January where I would have to plan my gym workouts around the "rush hours", and even then it would still be crowded. Yep, it’;s official: The "New Year’;s Resolutioners" had especially starting dropping their gym members […]

People often ask me what they can do to feel more motivated about training in the gym, especially when they keep skipping out of training time. I often get the feeling that I’;m supposed to respond by providing them with another fitness motivational message? Sometimes I throw out the right […]

For many people, motivation is a big stumbling block in achieving and maintaining physical fitness – let us face it! There are so many things more interesting than adding exercise to our day. Like taking a nap, or perhaps eating a snack. However, enough of this negative thinking. In July […]

When you think about losing weight, working out is usually the first thing that comes to mind, along with dieting most of the times. Obviously, this is with a reason, working out plays a huge role in weight loss. Here we’;ll find out a couple of things you need to […]