Having dreams and goals is not enough to attain success. You need to stay motivated constantly to reach the finish line. Like life, success in your profession also involves a lot of obstacles and struggling sentences. However, you need to keep moving on and not give up. Motivation is the […]

The power of motivation is often either underestimated or brushed aside by some people. People fail to realize that stimulating someone in any arena of life only cultivates more force in generating positive feelings. To pat someone on the back, to congratulate someone when the going gets great or to […]

Everyone goes through a natural cycle with their career. The start of a new job is a time when enthusiasm, energy, and professional fulfillment is at its peak. Over time the level of enthusiasm and the feeling of satisfaction may fluctuate as the reality of the job becomes clear, which […]

As a professional speaker, over the years, I have been given many different kinds of gifts after my seminar from the meeting planner. Some of these gifts are useful and some I have no idea what I will do with. After a seminar or motivational speech, many meeting planners present […]

The age old sayings have always said that games are the best way to keep you away from complete dumbness and boredom. Games are the perfect sort of escape from a monotonous life and it helps to refresh your brains from extreme tiredness and same old routine. In today’s world, […]

In the hectic world of today we seem to find little time for simple pleasures and it feels almost impossible to fully de-stress yourself. There is much attention on all the negative aspects of life that we are bombarded with via TV reporters and violent movies. But, there is still […]

Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation for favors received. It is a debt that is not legal but moral, in which all beneficiaries have no reason not to pay. Thankful words don’t cost much, yet they always fill the receiver with joy, whenever they are expressed. It is our duty […]

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