Motivating yourself to gain new business is often easy; you need the money… ! From a psychological perspective this is known as “extrinsic motivation”. It is motivation that arises from something someone else will do. You become motivated because your customer will pay you. However, “intrinsic motivation” – the motivation […]

Remember your first kiss? How wonderful it was? Even though you had butterflies in your stomach, and your heart raced a mile a minute, it was such a memorable experience. What about that first thrilling ride on a roller-coaster or blowing out all of the candles on your fiftieth birthday […]

Once in every person’;s life we ​​may have attended a small talk, a group dynamics, a lecture or simply a speech, a party or any other wherein we are moved by the statements given off by that particular person. That person is what we call as motivational speaker. Motivational speakers […]

If you stay motivated with your work then you will never think of giving up. Giving up or quitting is the plan of the loser. The people who keep quitting with their work are the losers in this world. The people who give up are at the bottom of the […]

If your career path includes an evolving leadership role in your organization, you will almost certainly need to speak in public regularly. No need to panic, here are seven useful tips for giving a great speech. 1. Use an icebreaker. Avoid a ho-hum opening such as "Thank you for coming […]

Feedback is an important yet often overlooked part of the communication process. Compliments, strokes, and other positive feedback can be stimulating and greatly appreciated. Feedback can also be motivated and appreciated when it takes the form of constructive criticism. We give feedback to reinforce positive behavior and to point out […]

The list of things that can go wrong on your wedding day is endless. One or more exes on your guest list. People insisting you do a calorie count on the menu. Stag do disasters. Wedding cake not being up to standard. These are just a few of the more […]

Here are three useful tips for how you can cope with your nerves when you are standing on your feet giving a speech. But before I give them to you, can I tell you something that is absolutely true… everybody is nervous when they are making a speech. The only […]

There are a number of famous people who earn a living by giving public speeches at private and corporate events. Some of the best known motivational speakers, nowadays, include Barry McGuigan MBE who is a renowned former boxing champion and Amanda Stretton who is a glamorous television motor sport presenter. […]