Motivating yourself is often times the most difficult aspect of personal development. The concept of personal development is to improve the overall well being, attitude and actions of a person. In doing so, you will run into many obstacles and how they are met is dependent upon you. I have […]

Enter any child’;s bedroom and you are likely to find at least a few boys and girls who are motivated to write the best story, draw the best picture, do the most interesting dramatization in the class play. Classroom motivation seems so easy compared to work motivation. With work motivation […]

Nurture Your Mind Most people’s problems result from their thoughts about a situation outside of their control. Allow me to unpack this in more detail. Reflect on an area of life causing you frustration. What if you were to hand it to an outsider and ask them to assess it […]

The key to self-motivation is setting goals. Without goals, it really doesn’t matter how self motivated a person tries to be. They have to know what it is that they are motivated for. There must be a reward or benefit for it to be motivation. That is what drives us […]