Information Technologies have become critical and an integral part of any organization’;s delivery, and indeed it is difficult to imagine any modern organization effectively and efficiently delivering without IT. In the current economic environment, IT departments operate with reduced budgets while delivering to deliver best services. In today’;s highly competitive […]

It will be very effective to everyone if they have a habit of reading at least one quote of the day daily. You can get a good start of a day if you have such a habit in you. Some of the reasons for being more effective in reading motivational […]

Out of all the activities, journaling according to me is the healthiest activity. You feel relieved after spilling out every single thought going through your head. It is a fun activity as well because you play with your own words and ways of expression. Everyone should make journaling a habit. […]

Visualise A Favourable Future It’s easy to focus on what is wrong in your life than trying to envisage a better future because your problems are real. To imagine a future you can’t see poses a challenge. However, it’s worth devoting more time to visualise what you want to experience […]

The power of words cannot be over estimated. They are the most powerful things in existence. God created us to be like Him. He made us to be speaking creatures with the ability to cause change through the power of our words. Everyone lives under the power and influence of […]