The work of management theorists over the last hundred and fifty years can be used to argue the case for an in depth theoretical, as well as practical knowledge of many management styles, including the positive and negative attributes of each. It is also important to examine the ‘;structure’; of […]

Introduction Lewis Jeans has been operating as a manufacturer of jeans for ten years, and is currently one of the UK’;s leading manufacturers. 300 employees are divided over 3 geographical areas, with the head office in Croydon. Due to an array of contributory factors, there has been a downturn in […]

"Wealth in the new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization; that is, wealth is not earned by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown." Kevin Kelly Did you ever wonder how individuals could make such a large impact on today’;s leaders? We will take an express ride […]

During Black History month everyone will remember the long line of history left to celebrate, and look toward the future of history being written with the Kings and queens, leaders, orators, champions and heralds of a great nation of people. Amongst these great people are those who may or may […]

Speaking can be defined as the art of transferring one’s thoughts to others in a precise and convenient manner. The effect of such speaking should be able to affect people in a certain way to act. A good speaker is supposed to keep his audience engrossed with his ideas and […]