How would you like a big dose of martial motivation? What would you like to improve? Your punching ability? Your kicks? How about getting in shape? We have all heard that the way to achieve a goal is to break it down into bite-sized (manageable) chunks. Do mini-tasks, to achieve […]

Where can you find motivation? The truth is it is all around us if you know where to look. But with all the daily routines and events we may often feel overwhelmed and finding the motivation to be effective and productive in our daily tasks can often be overwhelming. So […]

They sat across from each other in my office looking nervous and apprehensive. I called Bill in so that his son, Clayton (pseudo names), could express his anger and hurt feelings to his dad, something he felt he could not do at home because of Bill’;s angry responses. They had […]

Improved organizational effectiveness (OE) does not happen without a dedicated, engaged team. The roles of members on the team will vary. They may be internal consultants, business managers, talent management professionals or other designated contributors, but they all accept and take some degree of ownership for the following ten effectiveness […]

A key part of every manager and leaders role is to get results through others. Achieving results through others requires is often a challenge. So how can you improve motivation? Provide challenging work While everyone needs to become comfortable in their role and build confidence, just about everyone enjoys a […]

To be a great guitar improviser, you’;ll need to play ideas that: – Integrate smoothly with other musical ideas in your solo – Express everything you want them to express Many guitarists can not improve well because they only try to play faster rather than play with excellent musical phrasing […]

Companies have assets. This often makes us think of capital and physical facilities like factories, distribution centers, property and other assets. It would include good will, trade names, trade marks, technology and just plain know how. But you probably would not see employees on such a list even though the […]

There are changes from Progressive insurance company aimed at offering even more competitive rates for motorcycle and recreational vehicle policies. The Company’;s successful pricing strategy that promotes savings and flexibility for personal auto insurance will be utilized for bikes, boats and RV’;s. Naturally, exact details of how rate quotes are […]