Abraham Lincoln was well known in his day for his sense of humor, and often told funny stories to engage and earn the trust of his audience.During the Civil War, he sometimes visited Washington area hospitals to lift the wounded soldiers’; spirits. After one such visit, a journalist entered a […]

I did not think much of Bob Marley until recently. I knew that he was the so-called king of Reggae but that was about the limit of my knowledge. I stumbled upon some of his saying a few weeks ago and was duly impressed by his voracity for love and […]

Here is a long list of effective and simple incentives for your team. At the conclusion of an incentive program, it is important to assess how successful it was. Did you get the results you wanted? One of the best ways to judge the program’;s effectiveness, including considering your own […]

Quite a mouthful isn’t it? Say it fast and you’ll trip over the words most likely. I saw this phrase on a church marquis as I was driving and it sparked my interest to the point that I thought about what it could mean. Here are my thoughts. To aspire […]