Insurance fraud is when deception is involved in the process of insurance. It could be a case when someone makes a fake claim from an insurance firm. It could also be when the insurer refuses to pay the claimant. Statistics have shown that the number of insurance frauds committed globally […]

Compelling Responses using strategy words placed in insurance headlines overwhelmed readers. Eyeballs pop and emotion rips with strategy word phrases pumping adrenaline into insurance headlines. Enough dynamite is released, compiling results that double response rates. The cheapest and fastest strategy is using intriguing headlines to conquer your key insurance marketing […]

Health care is very expensive nowdays. Even just the simplest consultations and food supplements are very costly. And if things turn bad and a person has an accident or becomes sick, the bills can become quite expensive. Fortunately, there is health insurance. And if a person is interested in enrolling […]

There are changes from Progressive insurance company aimed at offering even more competitive rates for motorcycle and recreational vehicle policies. The Company’;s successful pricing strategy that promotes savings and flexibility for personal auto insurance will be utilized for bikes, boats and RV’;s. Naturally, exact details of how rate quotes are […]

Protection from unforeseen accidents or problems encourages small businesses to get insurance coverage. Whether you’;ve been in business for years or you’;re just starting a new company, you need small business insurance. There are many types of different corporate insurance, such as car insurance or umbrella insurance, and you will […]