There are so many MLM programs out there that once you start getting people signed up with you, you’;ll probably need to employ some team motivation techniques to keep your associates interested and active. If you’;re in a good company, they’;ll have some network marketing training for all of their […]

Motivation is a key necessity in growing your career. If I have not already said it clearly before, persistence and time really is one of the largest factors. If you have an Uncle or Grandma giving you business hand-me-downs, you may not need motivation or persistence. But if you’;re like […]

Many of us look for motivation from reading an inspiring book or listening to a motivational story. We get pumped up and promise ourselves that finally this time, we have found the way that echoes with our personal. This may last a few days, and then suddenly, the familiar feelings […]

Keeping a journal has many advantages and benefits. Whether you write a few lines or pages, through journaling, you can record and track a lot of information that can be easily retained for future reference. You can actually see what you were thinking because your thoughts and experiences are in […]