Regardless of your age or background, now is the time to realize all that you are truly capable of having, doing, and being in this world. Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression? Do you find yourself drowning in debt, physically challenged, or suffering in some other way? Don’t […]

For years now the fitness industry, government and others have told the public that they need to start working out and eating healthy. They told of the consequences of what would happen if they did not. What is the result of all of this? We got fatter. We have more […]

Let’;s be real. With other pressures of life upon us, having to network can be a burden and increase stress levels. How we decide to spend valuable time networking will determine our direct success now and for the future. When in transition we often prioritize, placing business networking sandwiched between […]

Motivation is an essential ingredient for consistently achieving goals and accomplishing significant tasks. However, you do not always feel motivated to do what you know you should do. Here are three keys to maintaining a steady, high level of motivation. Direction. One of the largest causes of lack of motivation […]

Sales Success Key # 1 – Resilience In my list of 10 keys to sales success there is only one item that’;s coming from the realm of personal psychology. It’;s pretty straight forward: resilience. Do you find you give up too easily? How low do you go when you are […]

I saw him sitting on an evergreen branch outside my window as the Saturday morning sunrise lit up the new-fallen snow as it would a carpet sprinkled with sparkling jewels. He seemed so tiny and alone, a silhouette against the dazzling eastern sky. As the sun rose higher, I could […]

Motivation. It’s a complicated subject that is studied by many and understood by few. Virtually every aspect of human life — from the mundane to the life-changing — is guided, swayed and altered by motivating factors. For instance, what to have for dinner may be motivated by a desire to […]