These ten simple steps stem from my many years experience as a public speaker. They work like magic for me and they’;ll do the same for you! They’;ll help you unlock the natural public speaker in you so that people respect who you are and what you are saying. As […]

What does it mean to Love like You Only Live Once and subsequently to Live like You Only Love Once? Well the thoughts and approaches to answering this set of questions is endless, to say the least. However, I am going try and take bit of a personal approach and […]

Do you want to organize a competition where your participants will speak in public? Or you are a school teacher who wants to make children overcome public speaking fear? Well, here are 2 interesting public speaking activities that I am a fan of. Public Speaking Activities 1 Volte Face In […]

Teachers make a lesson plan to conduct classes. Lesson plans enhance a well-prepared lesson and generative subjects. In a sense, what was learned must produce a desired result or outcome. Moreover, this outlines the teaching method and becomes a template for the year-round accomplishment of the syllabus, adding more for […]

When you grew up did your parents tell you often to keep a positive mindset and everything would turn out okay? Did thinking positively help motivate you to take action? What if I told you that current research shows that the opposite is true? Thinking positively by itself reduces your […]

Forget about achieving your goals in life if you cannot even motivate yourself to take actions toward achieving them. It may sound harsh, but that is the truth. You need to be able to master yourself to instill and develop your self motivation as it is the only lasting way […]

The fight against depression has many components. One that cannot be emphasized enough is the connection between nutrition and emotions. The difficult fight that depression sufferers face is eating the right things while their brains are directing them to eat the wrong things. It is difficult to do the right […]