Ten-Figure Guide – Maybe Your Why Is not Big Enough

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Some Cave In; Some Bounce Back

How does it happen that some people cave in at the first sign of a challenge, and others bounce back and keep on going in spite of apprentice failures? Did those who bounce back swallow some magic battery and turn into the quintessential Energizer Bunny?

The true answer is that those who do not have enough fight left in them to stay in the fight, did not have a good enough reason to be in the fight in the first place. Did you catch that? In other words, their why was not big enough.

Those who are knocked down – or knocked clear out of the fight – and who get back up, dust themselves off, and get right back into the ring, are those who have a big why . It was not a game for them when they stepped into the fray. It was serious and they meant business. They made the commitment from the outset that they would "stay the storm" no matter what.

Have a Compelling Reason

Your why will be the central, compelling reason for you to devote yourself and your time and energy to your business endeavor. Therefore, if you have not yet connected to your why you will never have enough grit, courage and determination to keep going.

Let’;s say you’;ve become dissatisfied with the way your life is going. You are not happy with the status quo. You’;ve determined that you’;d like to have enough money to gain a few more material possessions and to have more leisure time.

If that is the amount of your "why" (the reason why you will set about to change your life) it’;s probably not strong enough to sustain you in the tough times. There’;s nothing wrong with wanting "things." Everyone does. But things get old and soon you’;re weary of them. As to leisure time, that also gets old. What do you want to do with your leisure time? That’;s where your comes into play. There must be a strong sense of purpose.

Consider the phenomenon relating to those who retire and suddenly experience progressive sickness and early death? Research has shown that employees who retire at age 55 have almost double the mortality risk of those who continued working into their 60s. It’;s because they lost their sense of purpose for living.

Roller Coaster Actions

You may be reading this article because you have started a few online businesses, but when they did not take off like you thought they should, you quit. Perhaps it was in an area such as a home-based business (of any type), network marketing, internet marketing, internet businesses, direct sales and or other online money-making programs. And your actions toward them more resemblance a roller coaster ride than an out and out fight to win.

If your why is not big enough to drive you to do something significant with your life, then you probably will not! You may start, but you seldom finish.

Watch for the Signs

Below is a list of possible signs that your why may not be strong enough:

  • procrastination
  • embarrassment
  • self-doubt
  • indecisiveness
  • confusion
  • fear of making mistakes
  • fear of failure
  • apathy
  • all talk; no action
  • inconsistent in actions

Motivational speaker, philosopher and author, Jim Rohn says it best:

"When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it."

That’;s an apt description of having a big why.

Excuses Fade Away

Take time today to write down your driving motivation for the changes you want to see happen in your life. Do not put it off. Once you are directly connected to your why, all your excuses will lose their power over you and one by one they will fade away.